Nurse Shark

By: Madie Hutton

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Common Name- Nurse Shark
Scientific Name- Ginglymostona cirratum
Family- Ginglymostomatidae
Order- Orectolobi formes


  • Mouth near tip of snout has nasal barbels on each slide
  • First and second dorsal and anal fins are rounded
  • The second dorsal fin is almost as large as the first one
  • Eyes are very small
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Size and birth

They are usually 4.25 meters long
The females hatch the eggs inside of their bodies and then they have a live birth

Life span

The average life span is 25 years

Feeding habits

They hunt alone and they usually stay at the bottom of the ocean floor
They prefer sea snails, crustaceans, mollusks, and other small fish


They are found in shallow tropical waters

Global Distribtuion

  • Found near the south of North America
  • Near the beginning and towards the middle of South America
  • The west side coast of Africa
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Random Fact

  • They are nocturnal

Nocturnal- hunt at night

  • They sleep during the day
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