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What kind of device will my child be using at school?

iPads or Chromebooks?

Our students are so eager to use technology and the right type of technology is a great tool for education. We have selected iPads and Google Chromebooks as our type of technology to use in the classrooms. For grades preK-1 grades, we feel that iPads are a perfect fit. For grades 2-5, the Chromebooks have emerged as the type of technology that makes sense. We are able to use the iPad carts when needed for certain lessons that require a special app to enrich a lesson.

We are so blessed to have the support of two important groups in our school because our technology was purchased by our PTO and Lake Travis Education Foundation.

A few ways that technology is used in education. is an online program that is web based with self paced instruction. The students' teacher assigns technology assignments to equip students with critical skills including keyboarding, word processing, digital citizenship, and online safety, as well as media and information literacy skills.

Click on the following link to learn more and view a video that explains more about

Lake Travis's Schoology for Education

What is Schoology?

Schoology is a Learning Management System:

  • to help provide student access to learning content 24/7.

  • to help teachers streamline communications with students and parents.

  • to provide a “digital backpack” for students to help them stay organized.

Schoology for students

Once our students have the Schoology app, they may access the Lake Travis Schoology website with their login information on any device. Our students can use the computer lab, iPad carts, laptop carts, and/or Chromebooks (depending on grade level and availability.)

Here's an example of their log-in information.

username: lastname.firstname

password: school id #

Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

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Google Apps

These apps (Google docs, sheets, slides, and drive) may also be downloaded at the iTunes or Google Play store and are FREE to use!

We are using Drive as our storage and this can be accessed from the school computer, chromebook, or home computer for FREE.

Google for Education 101 (in 101 seconds)
Chromebooks for Education Overview

The Magic of Google Apps for Education

Click on this link to view a presentation.

Student Examples using GAFE

Click here to learn more about how to learn how to effectively search Google Drive.

Student Example of Researching a topic and creating presentations

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This picture is from one of my student's, and he's explaining what his favorite class time activity was this year. The following link illustrates this student's group presentation about an interesting animal and the research project completed in science.

More cool apps to enhance learning!


What are QR codes and how do I use them?

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How to add a QR code reader to your smart phone.

QR Code Scanner Apps for iPhone
Android 101: How To Scan / Use a QR Code

How to use a QR code.

[QR Code] How To Use QR Codes

What is a Kahoot?

Here's the link that explains what a Kahoot is and how to make your own Kahoot!

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