Battle of the Somme

Worst war of world war 1

Intro Info

When? On July 1,1916 the war started, the war ended on November 18,1916.

The Battle of the Somme was in Somme, Pas-de-calais, and also at the river of Somme.


The battle of Somme was British and French Empires against the German Empire. It was a very bloody and sad war. Many people died and the ones that survived were severely messed up, and never fully recovered.

Other Battle Information

The French/British Empires had 485,000 causalities, whereas the Germans had 630,000 causalities. Both sides of the war had lots of troops but French/British had 360,000 compared to 157,500 German troops. French/British Empire won the Battle of the Somme.

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