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2015 - 2016 Third Grade Weekly News

Volcanoes and Earthquakes with the PROFESSIONAL!

Thank you, Mr. Mitalski!! Mr. Mitalski took time out of his busy schedule, joined our class for an afternoon and shared some intriguing facts about volcanoes and earthquakes. As we dive deeper into our rock study, we have read a little on both topics and we were thrilled to have an expert join our class. Thank you!!!
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We've got SPIRIT!

Thank you for encouraging our Spirit week at BME. The kids (and myself) had a lot of fun! We were a bit silly and we showed off our sense of humor.

The class is progressing nicely through our curriculum. This week, we learned about our first third grade book report. After we learned the details, we visited the library several times to find the perfect biography to study. We have 20 different biographies being studied and I look forward to hearing their performances in a few weeks!

This past week, we really solidified the reason we need to explain our math answers every time. They are starting to see how important it is to double, or even triple check our work. Due to our steady movement forward, we will test on Unit two in the following week.

Next week:

  • Math: We will finish reviewing our math concepts from Unit 2 and we will test on Wednesday.
  • Reading: We will explore through books on earthquakes. Our goal this week will be to compare similar texts. We will take our first reading test this Friday!
  • Writing: Personal Narratives! We will find small moments and practice showing our readers with our words.
  • Grammar: We will continue to talk about subjects and predicates and we will extend that discussion while adding compound sentences.

Scholastic Book Orders

If you would like to order books for your child through scholastic's website, please click on the link above. Checks can still be sent to the classroom and I will mail the orders.

Rocks and Minerals

On October 5th, we will visit the Indiana State Museum and we will tour their rock exhibits as a grand finale to our unit. Mark your calendars if you would like to join!

Special's Schedule

  • Monday: Art
  • Tuesday: Music
  • Wednesday: Library (bring the library books to school.)
  • Thursday: STEM
  • Friday: Gym **bring/wear tennis shoes