From the Media Center at Hope-Hill

May 2022

It has been an outstanding year in the Media Center!

Thank you for a exciting, creative, and successful school year in the Media Center! We have read a lot, made many presentation, had celebrations, tried new books, learned new technology and ways to research, and were included AGAIN in APS' March Minutes Madness! Well done, Eagles and families!

BUT... we cannot let this year's accomplishments in reading wither in the hot summer sun. It is VERY important that students continue reading over the summer. Please set aside some time each day to read to or with your child. Having your child read aloud to you is meaningful well after they learn to read independently. And PARENTS need to remember to get their daily dose of reading too! You deserve it! Personally, I can't wait for my family's DEAR time.

Please see the bottom of this newsletter to be reminded of the importance of daily reading!

First, a little important housekeeping...


We will have a wonderfully refreshed Media Center for the next school year, and it is important that we have all of our materials returned so our inventory is accurate. And most importantly, our students DESERVE a Media space that is loved, well appointed and well appreciated. Please return your books as soon as possible. **The Media Center is currently distributing free "keep at home" books to students, so we still have plenty for them to read, though we won't be checking out.**

And now, here are some ideas to keep reading this summer:

Children's Book Festival on May 14 at Atlanta's Central Libary!

Looking for a free, fun, local, family engagement activity? Take your friends and Eagles to the Children's Book Festival, offered by Atlanta-Fulton and Fulton Library systems. The libraries created this engaging festival to combat the negative implications of Covid learning loss and hope to re-inspire our students' love of reading and learning. Come be a part of the solution for our Eagles! The event will be held on May 14 at the Central Library from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Click below for additional details.

Summer reading suggestions from Atlanta Public Schools

Not sure where to start with your reader? Here are some grade level suggestions offered by APS' Media Services Department:
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For rising 4th and 5th graders who are interested in the Reading Bowl team:

The Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl is a district-wide competition where APS students read up to 10 books between now and the January event, when they compete against other schools to answer questions on the books. It definitely requires some dedication, but it is also FUN and a great reading and confidence builder. If you have a rising 4th or 5th grader with an interest in being a member of Hope-Hill's Reading Bowl team, please have your student read one or two books from the reading list below, and reach out to Ms. Nettles if you need additional information.
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And, these resources are always available to your Eagle Reader...

Why should we have our children read 20 minutes per day?

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Our Race2Read particiption was off the charts!

Thank you to everyone who supported or particiated in this challenge! We did an excellent job!