Hospitality Management

Jose Gonzalez


  1. Food managers are responsible for the daily operations of restaurants and other establishments that prepare and serve meals and beverages to customers.
  2. Managers ensure that customers are always satisfied.
  3. Managers are also responsible for all the administrative and human resource functions of running a business
  4. Managers interview,hire,train and when necessary even fire employees.

Working Locations/ Salary

Most common places for this type of job is in Full Service Restaurants for example: Michael Jordan's Steak House, Gibson's etc and Hotels like the Hyatt

The Median Pay for Full service Restaurant Managers is starting at $45,650 and Can make up to $70,810

Education needed/ Skills

Most places would like you to have some kind of experience working in a Restaurant like a waiter because it can make your job easier. Having this kind of experience can help you understand customer satisfaction.

A school that offers the best Hospitality Program is Kendall College in Downtown Chicago

A master degree is recommended if looking to earn more money and this takes about 2 years You are sometimes required to take some electives for the field you are planning to be in.

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Job Outlook/ Advancement Oppurtunities

This is a job growth of 5% in 2016 What is good about this job is that many potions will arise because of new restaurants opening up or managers moving to different locations. Chicago is a great city to start this career. Some Advancement opportunities can come to anyone that works hard and one day even Own a restaurant of their own.