Parkour taken to another level

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french kids

An interesting yet nonpopular sport called parkour has recently been introduced to more countries by french kids. An article about this subject explains how the sport is getting more advanced.Tthe bottom line of this sport is to move from one point to another at a quick pace wile monuvering themselves around, over, and/or through obsticles. Because the sport is used in cities most obsicles are benches, fences, walls, even cars and buildings.
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Parkour gyms

The people who participate in this sport are called traceurs and they are usually considered nerds. This is because most of them want to be like their favorite super heroes and this sport is the closest they can get. In France you can acually take classes at parkour gyms. Couch Faircloth explains that all the kids are doing is being active and playing around. he is just inhancing what they have and teaching them teqniques. Parkour is an awsome sport that is rapidly spreading across the world and it is a good way for kids to be active.
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