cloning extincted animals ?

should we clone the past of animals ?

Do you thing we should resurrect extincted animals?

For hundreds of years it was just a dream to clone anything.But now its easily possible,We can clone anything from a frog to a cow,Even our self. But the big question here is,Should we bring back the past?For thousands of yours animals have die from humans.Like woody mammoth to the Tasmanian tiger to the passenger pigeon.


Many people believe this will give people new experiences and new opportunity in there lives.And this is true,But do you agree on this.I know i do.


A another reason why we should clone extinct animals is for research.Many scientist say some of the animals from the past may have cures and vaccine for modern diseases and virus.This can be a hug step for for future health issue.And i thing this would be really great.


And the last resign why i say we should clone the past is to give the animals a second chance of living.But only this time we won't kill them.I say we should do it would you?