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A Netflix Original | Edition 14 | March 28, 2016

Let's Talk About Tech, Baby

When Mark Cuban sold to Yahoo! in 1999 (for $5.7 billion), all bets were off. Streaming media and the Internet radio were born, the technology industry essentially exploded, and we all know Mr. Maverick got hella laid.

Suddenly, the radio wasn't just on the radio. It was accessible elsewhere, through other mediums, mediums that were trendier, cooler, easier, and better to use.

This isn't to say that the radio went away. Two decades and twenty versions of the iPhone later, we still dabble in the occasional FM scan on the ride home, jolted out of our afternoon fatigue by the obnoxiously familiar voice of your local hip hop station's DJ telling you to turn up to yet another overplayed Fetty Wap hit. The radio never went away, but Pandora and podcasts and eBooks arrived, all of which we frequent with much greater enthusiasm than DJ Funk Masta Slidin Into Yo DMs Like Drake Softer Than A Pretzel But I'd Still Wanna Be Him In That Rihanna Video Flex.

Here's what a lot of tech businesses fail to understand in their pursuit of success: you don't have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to make it work better. It's what Mark Cuban did with radio and it's what goPuff is doing with delivery, with the idea of convenience, and with traditional methods of consumption.

Our challenge then is not to run 7/11 out of business, or curbstomp Postmates bikers when we pass them on Broadway mid-delivery. Our challenge is to make our "wheel" work so well, with such facility and precision and FUN for our customers, that they won't even remember that using 7/11 or Postmates is still an option.

Mark Cuban wanted an easier way to watch his alma mater Indiana Hoosiers basketball games, so he made one. Some kid in a daze and out of cheetos wanted an easier way to feed his high (pun intended), so Raf and Yakir and all of us, collectively, gave him one. Just like Internet radio did, goPuff is evolving every day; don't underestimate your role in this evolution, nay, this revolution. Instead, seize it, from the tiniest detail to the greatest idea, and if you do curbstomp a Postmates biker, please make sure you aren't wearing a goPuff shirt.

How To Not F*ck Around, brought to you by Jonah Hill


We're expanding, fast. A year ago we make $1,000/day, today we're making upwards of $17,000. Memorize this stuff (above), tattoo it on your forehead, tattoo it on the new guy's head, use it to pump yourself up at the gym, tell your girlfriend it's the reason you have to break up when "it's not you, it's me" doesn't work. We can't call these operations the "basics" until they're perfected. So, communicate with your city's team to perfect them.

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Products: Kinder! In this week! & 50+ new Essentials.


Solution 1: bi-weekly inventory check
Solution 2: remove expired products from inventory immediately after trashing them
Solution 3: create groupMe with Managers & Supply Chain Team
Solution 4: delegate work around the warehouse

Philly: 24 mins.

Boston: 32 mins.

DC: 29 mins.

Austin: 29 mins.

NYC: 35 mins.

Denver: 40 mins.

Stars! They're Just Like goPuffers! Chris Christie pouring a bag of small M&Ms into a bigger bag of M&Ms. Shoutout @Raf for this Internet gem.

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We're giving away a whoopie cushion (shoutout @DerrickDiesel for the idea) with every order on April Fools Day, this Friday, April 1!


YOU know YOUR city best. Let the Marketing Team know what's trending, what's visible, and what to do to best spread the word.

Always have in stock & let us know if you're running low! “I feel bad for the woman who bought the phone sleeves and we couldn’t find them. Trying to get her to want a beach ball was a hard sell.” - Matt

Spotlight: Denver

Name: Joey Trinity//Ahmed Fradi
Age: Both 28
Hometown: Denver, CO//Tunisia
Position: Denver Operations Manager//Denver Regional Manager

Let me preface by saying that if you know me well (and most of you do), you know that I tried my best to get these two to say something controversial. But, turns out they're both really great, hardworking, diplomatic people that we're lucky to have on the team. Whatever.

Denver launched not even two months ago. How are things going?
Joey: Wonderful! Exceeding expectations by far in terms of how fast we're growing in the Denver market.

Safe to say sales are getting "higher"?
Ahmed: goPuff is in the right place here, this is translated by the relatively high volume of orders. We're "mile high" from what we expected.

Sorry. Had to add a weed pun. What's the best customer interaction you've had since launch?
Ahmed: There is a guy who orders sometimes, the regular munchies lover. I had to call him once to edit his order and as soon as I said, "this is goPuff," he spent 10 minutes telling me how much he loves us, over and over. That was the best feeling.

If you weren't working for goPuff, what would you be doing?
Ahmed: A soccer player in Europe, or more realistically, a financial advisor.
Joey: I'd be helping the less fortunate in acquiring mortgage loans.

What shows are you binging on right now?
Ahmed: Better Call Saul, Trailer Park Boys, just finished the last season of House of Cards.
Joey: I'm currently watching the Walking Dead and Last Week With John Oliver.
Ahmed: John Oliver is dope. He roasted Trump so bad.
Joey: That was the best episode this season!

What would you do it Trump became president?
Ahmed: Move to Canada straight up, or make him move to Denver so he becomes cooler.

Okay, you're convincing Trump to move to Colorado. Describe Denver in three words.
Ahmed: Chill, high, South Park...I'm joking! Simple, relaxing, and very welcoming.
Joey: Growing, friendly, and awesome.

How high really are people?
Ahmed: I got a free spot in my apartment complex where I'm allowed to grow my own weed. One time, the guy from FedEx came high AF, high truck all hotboxed, he was really baked. Not to mention that the warehouse is surrounded by weed growers.

Did you at least receive your package?!
Ahmed: Yeah, he was on point, for a lot of people weed makes them function better.

Thank God. Switching gears - what's your motto.
Ahmed: "It's all about the hustle, and small details." I always think that no matter what you do, you gotta hustle hard and be the first one to get your slice, so you can get the biggest one.

Plain or pepperoni?
Ahmed: Plain and then pepperoni.

Touché. Joey?
Joey: "To earn respect, you must give respect."

What's your goPuff goal?
Joey: To stay with the company and help make it grow to become a household name.
Ahmed: To be an active element in making the company grow more and more and more. Denver is just the beginning of a long journey.

Ideal meal?
Joey: Anything Chinese.
Ahmed: Tunisian couscous.

You can write one question to be asked in this interview. What is it?
Both: Where do you see yourself in a few years within goPuff?

You guys really are a good team! Now answer it.
Joey: Denver Regional Manager.
Ahmed: West Coast Executive.
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Shoulda goPuff'ed it.

Squad News

  • Welcome our new managers Mike & Fabian (Philly) , Amadi & Rolando (Boston), Zen (NYC), and Joey (Denver)!
  • Bon voyage to Adam Buys who is heading out to Arizona next week! Kill it out there!
  • Danielle in Philly will be handling all the drivers' checks and accounts payable. Refer to her with any related questions or concerns.
  • Congrats to Darren - our new DC Regional Manager!
  • Shoutout to Siris who literally walked out of the operating room and into the Friday meeting. Feel better!