2015 February ACCESS Testing

Annual English Learner Assessment

What is the ACCESS?

ACCESS is a yearly state test. It assesses our English Learner's proficiency in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The academic content areas are Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. It also measures social language.

Your child will take this test with his or her EL teacher.

Why does my child need to take this test?

The State of Minnesota requires each school to test English Learners to monitor their progress each year. ACCESS scores are sent to parents the following school year.

Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools

Patrick Glynn

E-12 EL Coordinator

(952) 226-0303

Mary Hoffman

Grainwood Elementary

(952) 226-0378

WestWood Elementary

La Ola del Lago

Rachel Higgins

WestWood Elementary

(952) 226-0436

Marge Nelson

Redtail Ridge Elementary

(952) 226-8065

Kelley Gerdes

Glendale Elementary

(952) 226-0271

Jillian Magnusson

Five Hawks

(952) 226-0169

Jeffers Pond

(952) 226-0667

Kari Marciniak

Hidden Oaks Middle School

(952) 226-0282

Katie Devaney

Prior Lake High School

(952) 226-8838