Talisha Stent


First year Student Teacher

My name is Talisha Stent. I am studying a Bachelor of Education (Early childhood) at Notre Dame university. This is only my first year of study and i still have three years to go.

I enrolled in university as a mature aged student, Previously i studied veterinary nursing and worked as a vet nurse for 2 years. Whilst i loved working with animals and in the medical feild, i felt teaching was more of a calling. Helping at church events with young kids and throughly enjoying it confirmed to me that teaching was the right choice. When i choose my elective units in the next few years i am going to focus on special needs. As a teacher there are many medical conditions that you will come across and my wish is to make schooling easier and more understandable for these children.

I live with my parents and have an older brother, but have a large amount of Auntys, Uncles and cousins. In my spare time i enjoy cooking Italian food with my Nonna, reading books, spoiling my Eclectus parrot Cheko and horseriding.

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