Ship sunk in Bermuda Triangle Found

Ship Sunk

On 1942,March 10 ,the H.M.S.Umtata sunk with 177 crew in the Bermuda Triangle,only recently found,uncovering the biggest secret in the world.

The Bermuda Triangle,also known as the Devil's Triangle,is reputedly an area in the Western part of North Atlantic Ocean.The mystery about this triangle is that more than 5000 people traveling in aircrafts and surface vessels have disappeared in the triangle under certain circumstances.The Bermuda Triangle covers a huge area of 1.5 million miles square.The triangles three points are Miami,Florida and Puerto Rico.The area is one of the most heavily travelled shipping lanes in the world,with ships traveling through it daily for the ports in America,Europe and the Caribbean islands.Plentiful cruises pass through it daily and it is also a heavily flown route for commercial and private planes.

For instance,one of the vessels that sunk in the Bermuda Triangle is the USS Cyclops.The USS Cyclops sunk with 306 of its crew in 4th March 1918.

List of Bermuda Triangle incidents:

Aircraft:Flight 19,Star Tiger,Star Ariel,DouglasDC-3,KC-135Stratotankers

Vessels:Connmerra IV,Ellen Austin,H.M.S.Umtata,USS Cyclops,Carroll .A Deering

The mystery is finally solved and some yet awaiting you to uncover...

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