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3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Respirator FF-400

Product Overview

Engineered for maximum comfort, durability and visibility, the Ultimate FX FF-400 is the only respirator with Scotchgard™ Protector. This respirator features soft yet durable, silicone material and a large lens for superior peripheral vision.


  • Scotchgard protection paint and stain resistant lens cause some liquids to bead up so they can be wiped off easily

  • Large lens provides a wide field of view for excellent visibility

  • Silicone full facepiece design offers comfort, durability and ease of cleaning

  • 3M Cool Flow Valve makes breathing easier to provide cool, dry comfort

  • Passive speaking diaphragm enhances communications

The 3M™ Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator FF-400 Series helps provide protection against certain airborne contaminants while keeping your vision clear with the Scotchgard™ protected lens. Scotchgard™ protection makes it possible to wipe paints, stains and other liquids off the large lens. Versatile—use with 3M particulate filters, gas/vapor cartridges and supplied air systems. The 3M™ Cool Flow ™ Valve helps make breathing easier. Passive speaking diaphragm enhances communications, making it possible to be understood when talking. These features combine to make extended wear of the facepiece more comfortable and practical to use while helping to provide protection against certain airborne contaminants.

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3M™ FF-400 Respirator Training: Chapter 1 - Introduction

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