How To Use The Metric System

By Meg Crow

SI Units

  • Definition: A system of physical units.
  • SI stands for international system of units.

SI units and Metric Systems are inportant and useful, when you are convertitng on e thing to another. They are very helpful in math, cooking, measuring, and a lot more.

SI Unit's History:

  • Gabriel Mouton created the Metric System in 1670. He was a French astronomur, & a mathmetition

SI Abbreviations:

  • The SI abbreviation for length is m, for meter.
  • The SI abbreviation for volume is v.
  • The SI abbreviation for mass is kg, for kilogram.
  • The SI abbreviation for temperature is K, for kelvin.
  • The SI abbreviation for time is s, for seconds.

SI base units and abbreviations are grams (g), liters (l), and meters (m).

to help you remeber the SI unit order...

Kilo: keep

Hecto: hats

Deca: dat

Base unit: buy you

Deci: devil

Centi: cats

Milli: & more


.8 cm = .08 dm .99377 kg = 993770. mg 2. g = .002kg 73. L =73000. mL

83.26 m = 8326. cm 4. kg = 400. Dg .08 Dm = .008 m 885.9 kg = 8859 hg

For more help, and information on the Metric System, visit these websites!

The metric system can be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is really easy. Just always remeber which way to go and move the decimal on the stair steps. This way of converting different measurements is really helpful, and can be used daily in cooking, measuring, and many other things.


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