Analyzing Abstract Concepts



  1. Denotation: preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience

Connotation: superiority, hatred

Association: racism

  1. It means that you think you are better than everybody else. It is an excuse to treat others poorly because of their differences. Prejudice helps you hide your insecurities, while highlighting others'.

  2. Prejudice is seen in To Kill a Mockingbird towards the Ewells and the Radley’s. Both families are viewed as inferior and filthy.

  3. Prejudice in seen in our society towards Muslims and the religion of Islam as a whole. Many people jump to the conclusion that Muslims are terrible people who are terrorists and have evil intentions.

  4. The picture is of a blindfold which represents how prejudice people are “in the dark” and are stumbling around, not knowing what they’re doing. People who are prejudice and racist have mental blindfolds over their eyes. They refuse to see anything but the differences, which prejudice people consider to be decisive opinions regarding that person. Blindfolds cover the ability to see things from another perspective.