Zitzman Quarterly

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Fall 2017

From the Principal

Students are off to a great start! This week parents will be receiving first quarter report cards. Please use this time to reflect on your child's progress and goal set with your child on where they should end for second quarter. Areas to goal set would include academics, behavior, and attendance. These areas are critical to help your child be successful this school year. Ask your child about their data binder and how they set goals each week.

We are gearing up for a few home and school events. First up is our Go, Go, Ghost Night and Trunk or Treat on Thursday, October 26th. The Title 1, literacy event begins at 6 p.m. inside the cafeteria and the gym. The PTO sponsored Trunk or Treat begins at 7 p.m. in the front of the school building. A Trunk or Treat is a safe and fun trick-or-treating event for kids. This event takes place in a parking lot where kids go car-to-car to get their treats. The Trunk or Treat is an event to unite our school families and staff to celebrate the Fall season. Outside guests will be charged $5 per person due to the cost of the treats. Funds collected will support next year's event. Check out the link for ideas http://www.ldsliving.com/50-Trunk-or-Treat-Decorating-Ideas-You-Wish-You-Had-Time-For/s/77013. We are still taking registrations for a Trunk or Treat booth or car. We hope you'll join us for this spectacular event!

Fall Party is scheduled for Tuesday, October 31st starting at 1:15 p.m. This event is open to parents for the parade only. To allow our students to have a safe and fun event. The event is structured by our PTO volunteers and staff. Students will attend the parade, a dance & games station, a craft station, and a snack station. No outside food or treats will be accepted. If you would like to donate candy or treats, please donate to our Trunk or Treat event. A box will be place in the foyer of the building. To sign up to be a PTO volunteer please go to the Sign Up Genius page created by PTO http://www.signupgenius.com/go/409084caeaa2faafd0-halloween.

Grandparents and Veteran's Day events have changed a bit to better showcase our students' talents. This event is for grandparents and/or special person. We will have special events to include mom and dad at a later date. The Grandparents' Day events will be celebrated over three days to give specialized attention to our guests. Students will showcase their musical talents, art talents, check out our book fair, and enjoy a BINGO game with cookies and coffee. Please be sure to RSVP for the event.


My oh my, how homework has changed over the years. Parents beware.....we need your support in helping our students become great readers and mathematicians. Children should read every day for a minimum of 20 minutes. Reading can be done before bed time, in the car, or while someone is cooking dinner. Math facts are an important foundation to your child's success in math class. Young students will begin with counting. As the student gets older, the student should begin working on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Help us help your child be successful in school by focusing on reading and math at home. Check out our school website for specific resources to help with math and reading.

Safety and Security

  • Parents must sign-in tardy and/or late students in at the office.
  • Parents are not permitted down the hallways after 8:15 a.m. Teachers begin small group instruction at 8:15 a.m. and need their attention on their students. Parents can leave a message for the teacher at the office if needed.
  • Afternoon pick-up line should be (1) line until the supervising staff member comes out to collect names. Our parking lot only allows one way traffic. Two cars lined up for outside pick-up blocks inside pick-up parents from driving safely on our parking lot.

Thank you for supporting our recent Fall fundraiser. We should have fundraising totals very soon. Your support of our school is greatly appreciated.

Your partner in learning,

Mrs. Armstrong

From the Assistant Principal

Attendance Focus:

For the month of August ZE hit 92% which was something to be proud of meaning we were right on track to continue to improve to the 95% goal, however, for the month of September ZE hit 88% and fell below the 90% minimum.

Each classroom K-5 is tracking their attendance as a whole and celebrations are in place when milestones are met. Each individual student is tracking their attendance in Data Binders weekly so they have an opportunity to reflect and grow from any patterns that might appear. The front office is tracking late arrivals, early dismissals, and percentages for staff and each grade level daily. I will be calling individual students to my office who are not meeting the 90% attendance rate and we will work together to get a plan in place in order to be more proactive with school attendance. The student will start a punch card and will receive incentives when at school 100% of the school day. If the students’ overall attendance rate does not increase, we will hold a conference with the student and parents to see how we can be more supportive with the plan in place in order to be more successful all around. This is a team effort and with these protocols set we are sure to find success.

As parents and guardians, you hold the greatest influence with your children, and we are seeking your support for our new 2017-2018 initiative and focus on ‘Attendance Matters.’ All the best for a great rest of the school year!

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For this attendance display, each Superhero represents a class [the teachers name and grade are printed on each cape]. The yarn represents each class's attendance pattern throughout the school year and is updated monthly. I was hoping to see the Superheroes fly across the city in HIGH fashion but for the month of September they have ALL declined and are falling down into the city.

Let's reflect, and use our Leader In Me habits to face the obstacle, make a plan, set a goal, and reach for the stars going forward!

WE can do this!

Fall Homecoming Parade

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2017-2018 Character Coaches

Congratulations to the 2017-18 Character Coaches! Students were selected based on teacher recommendations, student essays, and completion of 20 hours of community service over the summer. This year Character Coaches will be assisting PTO and staff with many activities starting with representing Zitzman at the Homecoming parade and a fund raiser at the Iron Horse Rodeo. Character Coaches have many roles at Zitzman. You might see them giving a tour to a new Zitzman family, or helping out at Grandparent’s day. They will also be teaching lessons on Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Happy Kids.
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Read, Right and Run will begin October 6th.

Please turn in your permission forms by October 4th.

We will begin to run together every Friday morning starting 10/6/17 at 7:45 am down at the Meramec Valley Middle School Track. Parents may drop students off at the track.

Volleyball Intramurals will finish 9/28/17. Floor Hockey Intramurals will begin in November. More information to come.

So far this year in PE we have covered: - Playground games and rules - Fitness Testing in grades 3, 4, 5 - Chasing, Fleeing, and Dodging (Tag) for K, 1, 2 - Soccer for all grades We will begin Football soon with grades 3, 4, 5 and throwing and Catching skills and games for K, 1, 2.

Please remember tennis shoes on PE days!!

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Artistic Newsflash

Artist of the Month is Keith Haring

Objectives for the beginning of 1st Quarter

Kindergarten Students can identify and use colors; produce line using pencil; use scissors with control; identify and use shapes; categorize large and small

First Grade Students can identify and use primary colors; apply paint with a dragging, not pushing motion

Second Grade Student can mix two colors to create a third color; identify and use secondary colors; identify and use light and dark values

Third Grade Students can identify and use warm and cool colors; apply paint in even strokes to create a watercolor wash; paint lines and fill in shapes; create an original landscape

Fourth Grade Students can use tempera paint to create a tint of a color and a shade of a color

Fifth Grade Students can mix a variety of hues to create new colors; using tempera paints, produce a sharp, clear edge between areas of colors; identify and use intermediate colors; identify the arrangement of the colors on the a color wheel

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From the Library Media Center

We are having a busy year in the library so far. We will be doing many new things with classes. In grades K-2 we read our first Show Me Reader book, The Day the Crayons Came Home and we graphed our favorite colors. We will also be making and creating in the library this year and we have used Legos and IO Blocks. There will be other maker activities throughout the year. We subscribe to several databases that students can access at home. TrueFlix is a subscription for nonfiction digital books and each “book” has other resources such as links to articles, websites and games. At home, login is required. The user name is Zitzman and password is trueflix. Tumblebooks is another program that we subscribe to that students can access at home. Tumblebooks has animated books, eBooks for older students and National Geographic nonfiction videos. The username is Zitzman and the password is library.

The fall book fair will be coming up in November. The fair will be November 3rd – November 10th. This year we will be changing what is done for our Grandparent’s day. More information will be coming out about book fair and Grandparent’s day when it gets closer.

The media center is looking for a few parent volunteers to help with shelving books, labeling books and other special projects. If you are interested, email Amy Reed at areed@mvr3.k12.mo.us.

Counselor's Corner

All classes see the school counselor for weekly lessons on good character, study tips, and career choices. Students can also request to visit with me at any time. Parents are welcome to call or email as well. My email is aflexsenhar@mvr3.k12.mo.us

Video Games - It is important to monitor your child's video game habits. We all know kids love video games, but some of these games are not meant for children. That's not to say all video games are bad either. Read this article that provides some benefits of playing video games responsibly and also some studies on the effect of violent video games on kid's behavior and emotions.


From the Music Room

Reminder!!! The 5th and 2nd grade concert is scheduled for December 12th at 6:00 at Riverbend. Students should arrive at 5:45

Thanks to all the families that came out to the STL FC game last month! The students that represented our school did a wonderful job. With all the funds raised, we were able to purchase a classroom set of ukuleles!

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Notes from the Nurse

Cold and Flu season will be here before we know it!!

A few friendly reminders…

Please do NOT send your child to school if he/she has or has had:

1. Fever more than 100 degrees within the last 24 hours.

(Must be fever free without medication!)

2. Vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours. Must be free from vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours without medication!

3. Continuous coughing not relieved with cough medicine.

MVRIII school district does not allow ANY school personnel, including the nurse, to give ANY medication without a Medication request form signed by the parent. All prescription medications require a Doctors order AND a signed Medication request form. These forms are available in the nurse office, please call with any questions.

As many people will be getting colds and flu this season we would greatly appreciate your assistance in preventing the spread of illnesses in our school. Please help us by practicing and teaching good health habits at home:

1. Plenty of rest and nutritious foods are needed.

2. Do not eat or drink from the same utensil or container as someone else.

3. Keep hydrated by drinking a lot of healthy fluids. (soda does not count!)

4. Cough or sneeze into a tissue or bent elbow.

5. Practice frequent hand washing with soap and water. This is the best way to prevent the spread of germs. Wash, wash, wash those hands!

Since students need to be picked up when they become ill at school we need current phone numbers. Please inform the school immediately of any change in your telephone numbers so that we may contact you when needed.

Thank you for working with us to keep students and staff healthy and in school!

Cara Frahm, LPN

Zitzman Nurse

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Computer Tip...

Kids Search Engines

In many ways the internet is more safe today than it was in it’s infancy. Search engines are better at screening out websites that are harmful to children and teens when you activate their filtering features. There are also many search engines in existence that are specifically devoted to providing safe search for kids with a higher level of filtering. One of those trusted sites is SAFE SEARCH KIDS, which powered by Google to deliver filtered results!