Dazzler Home team News

Mid March update

Results so far

So a happy mid march to you all. I'm guessing that we are all feeling a little bit better for some blue sky and warm sun ( not before time) and I know that this will make potential customers and hostesses even more excited about taking a look at the new soring collections. In fact some of you have been really busy already this month with 6 of my home team front line qualifying. Tiaras off to Allanah Bourne-Arton , Sarah Jacobs, Jo Wells, Jo Angel, Lesley York and Jane Hamilton with Jane leading the way with sales of £2852.00!!!!

In my home team second and third lines we also have qualifying to date Vicky Fraser, Rebecca Tombs, Maz Pennington, Mel Jeffrey and Julie Hall.

Way to go gals xxxxx

April and Easter

Hot news for April

So I lay down a challenge for you all. April is looming and along with it the Easter holidays. OK, here's the deal, if you think you won't book a show because of Easter then you're right YOU WON'T !!

If you think you will book a show you are also right and YOU WILL!!

Think outside the box, who do you know with children who are staying at home and who would love a girls night out during the holidays? Who do you know who has either older kids or, shock horror NO KIDS!!!

Who do you know that works in an office and would love to see the new summer styles AND if all else fails the children are not off school for the whole month. Front load and back end your shows.

So in case you needed a little push and a little carrot there are prizes for you all. For every one of my home team who qualifies in April there will be a GUARANTEED gift from the new summer collection launching on April 1st and to make it even more interesting I will be running a Dazzler Booking Blitz next week ( date to be confirmed) where there will be "jewellery credit "prizes. So get warming up those leads

With love xxxx

keep your good news, kudos and stories posted on the Dazzlers FB page and have a fun week xxxx