Stay Loyal to Great Britain!

By: Jadesse Chan

Loyalty is Safety!

"A firm loyalty to the Crown and faithful Adherence to the Government of this Nation, which it is the Safety as well as Honour of the Colonies, to be connected with, will always be the wisest Course for you and I to take" (Doc G). Our mother land is a dominating world power; angering Britain who has centuries of war and government experience will only hinder us more. We are only a fledgling of a society that cannot leave a mother's womb: the colonies are too weak to go against a war-hardened country like Britain.

Parliament is Just!

Parliament has succeeded for more than one-hundred years and it shall not fail us now. "Those principles of safety and freedom which are essential in the constitution of all free governments, and particularly that of the British Legislature" (Plan of Union). Although there is a lack of representation from the colonies, Parliament has been a strong and stable government; it made Britain successful and will continue to support the colonies if more there is more trust on the latter end.

Taxes equal Protection!

Although there are hefty sums of taxes imposed on the colonies, the taxes are a sign that Britain is protecting us. Britain is kind enough to send their own troops to our colonies as protection from the Indians. the colonies have only prospered because we have British troops to protect us from foreign foes. These taxes serve as a reminder of Britian's care for her colonies.

Who are we without Great Britain?

There is pride when it comes to stating our lineage because we are citizens of the most powerful country at the moment. If we separate from the motherland what will that make of us? History will remember us as an ignorant child who waged war on a world power. The taxes will lower and there will be pride when stating that the colonies are from England.