Articles of confederation

By Moises mejia

What were the articles of confederation

The articles were america's first form of government . There were weak because they did not want any more problems like they had with king George.

Strengths of the articles

Some of the strengths of the articles were...the passed the northwest ordinance and they governed the nation during the revolution war the also negotiated the treaty of Paris at the end of the war.

Weaknesses of the articles

Some of the weaknesses were the lacked powere to enforce laws and they required all 13 states to approve changes in the articles and lacked power to levy taxes

Northwest ordinance

A law that helped turn land into states and it's used every time a state in added.

A good thing is that the added land to our country.

A bad thing is that they required 60,000 people to be a state.

Shay's Rebellion

The farmers are losing their land because they can't pay their taxes.

Shay's militia marches to the courthouse and there's no court no land.

A good thing is that A of C are done.

A bad thing is that the shays rebellim of farmers.