Berlin Wall

the set up and break down


This video is really good it shows everything that went on. It was made close to when it had happen so it is more accurate than some of the other information. It is so filled with information that you can almost feel what they had felt.

The Berlin Wall Documentaion center

Witch is one of the best places to find out any information related to this subject of the cold war and how everything really went down. It offers detailed historical and back ground information about the history of the Berlin Wall. it comes with all original documents, and an observation tower overlooking a section of the border. It provides radio stations to broadcast from East and West Berlin. It offers a large variety of tours and seminars.

The Divtion of East and West Berlin

There were good and bad reasons why the Berlin Wall was made during the Cold War. It was maid to keep people in and out. It was thrown up over night on August 13,1961. It was to protect the West side from the East and to keep the East side from getting in after they felt threatened because the East side was taking away all there life supplies.

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The Iron Curtain

The Wall symbolized the Iron Curtain that kept them separated during the cold war. Many of the people from West Berlin tried to cross over the border. the penalty for crossing the wall was death. People fought for the next three decades to get through the wall at the end the government used industrial equipment to remove the rest of the wall and on and on October 3,1990 Germen was reunited.

The Brake Down

Once it was set that the wall could come down people began to taste the freedom. They all quickly grabbed chisels and began chipping away it was the new obsession. The wall slowly faded away with the hatred left broken. It symbolized freedom at last. Tell this day pieces of the wall are now sold in stores as souvenirs.

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