Elijah Melnyk April 6,2003

The Life Of A Canadian Genius


Historical Events in 2003

Baghdad fell to the U.S forces resulting in widespread looting.

Also U.s troops capture Baghdad Saddam Hussien`s Regime falls 2 days later.Finally The Genome Project is completed with 99% of the human genome sequenced to an accuracy of 99.99%.

Mom... (interviewed)

It was a rainy day and my mom almost gave birth to me at my house.But we got to the hospital just in the nick of time.So she almost had me in the ambulance also but we got to the hospital just in time.Although I don`t know which hospital I was born in I know

I am a true Canadian.

Popular Trends ( music , movies , and video games)

The popular music trends were songs by 50 cent,Eminem,and Sean Paul.Also popular movies were movies by Universal, 20th Century, and Warner Brothers.finally popular video games were Pokemon, violent games, and racing games.

My favorite music artist

Shane Dawson. He is also a famous youtuber.Me and my sister are big fans of him.He made a couple of music videos.

My family now

I live with triplets who are 1 , a brother who is 15 , a sister who is 12 , my mom ,and my step-dad.

My favorite sport and the name of the team

My favorite sport is baseball.My favorite team in baseball is the New York Yankees.They have won 27 world series.I have been to a couple of baseball games in my life time and the Yankees were in all of the games I went to.