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Textile Industry

Samuel Slater

Samuel Slater snuck out of Great Britain after he memorized the blue prints to new technology for mass production. He bravely dressed as a farmer because mechanics were not allowed to leave Great Britain at that time.

The Textile Industry

The machines were much faster than real workers in the textile industry. It was much faster and cheaper. They thought that it was a start to something big, and it really was.

Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney invented many things but one of his most popular was the cotton gin, some might say that it shaped our economy. Whitney influenced other young inventors to pursue their dream and also invent things. Suddenly the impossible was possible.

Advice Column

Frequently asked Questions-

Some ask me, "If your farmer is sick, what do you do?" And I am here to tell you, it is okay! Everyone has rough day. If he is frequently sick, then I say, "Kick him to the curb! Find someone better!"