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The Stubborn South

Spying on the South

Good morning. I was ordered to write a report about the South. To make it more interesting and appealing, I have spent the past week undercover. From this I have learned many things that you all are sure to be curious about. These Southerners are the most up tight and stubborn people I know. They are not willing to let go of the past and move on for the better of our nation. After the amendments were made to the Constitution it was a struggle to get these Southerners to accept and enforce them. I don't understand why President Andrew Johnson's plan is so lenient towards them. Since the creation of the Black Codes not much has changed. I interviewed a freed black to see what he thought about this. " Since the Black Codes there really is no change, it's just like it was before the war, The Freedmens Bureau is trying to step in and help us get back on our feet."

Because of these Black Codes, I've heard rumors about a group getting together to perform lynchings, massacres, and beatings. They are thinking about calling themselves the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). If this plan plays into action these people have the potential of causing much destruction. They are portraying themselves as a group of activists promoting discrimination, and they are growing in numbers very rapidly.

I have found many unpromising details this past week. One is good though. There are some good people here nicknamed Scalawags. They are white Southerners working for and supporting the federal government. They are with us, trying to form a more perfect union.

I risked a lot crossing from North to South and going under cover. For the benefit of yourselves take this information into consideration. I'm again warning everyone that the KKK can cause a lot of fatalities if they go forth with their plans. Let's all work together trying to reconstruct this nation as a whole once again.

Burning of two Republicans Houses!!!

The houses of two Radical Republicans houses were swallowed up by flames at about 1 A.M. They were intentionally burnt but the "who" is still unknown. This may be the first actions of the KKK starting to slowly put their plan into action. One of these men was interviewed and asked about his thoughts. " I have no clue as to why someone would want to burn down my house, I'm scared as to what's going to come next."
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