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Social Media Plan by Jen Daniel RU 587

Welcome to Regulatory Management Platform (RMP) Social Media Plan

Johnson & Johnson, is a globally recognized as a pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer packaged goods organization. Social media has played a huge role within organization such as promotions through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SharePoint, office 365, etc. Without these tools the company would not have the “edge” it has today being one of the fortune 500 corporations.

Currently within the Consumer sector of J&J, there is a multi-million dollar initiative/project called Regulatory Management Platform (RMP) in the Regulatory Affairs department to improve the current applications platforms since they are viewed as being designed for a “super user” instead of an actual “business user”. Super user in the sense that the applications were designed for technical guru’s rather than business users who opt for more of simplified and user friendly interface.

Environmental Scan

-1000 Global Regulatory Affairs Active Users (business users)

-Users are located NA, EMEA, ASPAC, LATAM

-Primary user base is in EMEA/UK

-Today we have 100-250 concurrent users at any point in time

-5 Business Senior Leaders

-1 IT Lead and 2 IT Senior Leaders and 20 additional support resources that are under the IT Lead

-Cost multi-million dollar range


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Mission/Vision of Global Regulatory Affairs

  • First, ensure business users utilize RMP so information is maintained in one location in order for the application to become the source of truth by Q4.
  • Actively involve business users in the design process of the new RMP interface on so key concerns with the existing application can be addressed by Q3.
  • Validate RMP to ensure it meets J&J compliance standards and is a high performance tool that will help increase business productivity and efficiency by Q3.

This application/projected is expected to go-live and released to the business by end of October 2015.

We need to promote RMP so business users will be more accepting of it and be able to adapt to the new technology. With that said, this proposal will be focused on creating a social media plan to promote/market/engage the future business use of the new interface, RMP through the use of SharePoint. Expected to go live in August 2015.


1 - Global Regulatory Affairs Business Users [1]

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2 - Regulatory Affairs Senior Management [2]

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SWOT Analysis

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Prototypes of RMP Sharepoint Site...

Welcome/Home Page

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Support and Guidance

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Discussion Board

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Regional Metrics

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Example of actual SharePoint site using metrics [3]...

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Benefits of SharePoint include...

  • Highly interactive
  • Act as a vehicle to gain global user community acceptance of the new RMP platform.
  • Seamless way for senior management to have access to receive feedback what the users like and dislike about the new tool and view information in real-time
  • Additional complex capabilities/functionality and logic can be built within the site

Marketing Strategy

Road Shows (Conference Calls) [4]

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Newsletters [5]

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SharePoint Administrators [6]

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Monitoring Content [7]

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Key Milestones

MILESTONE 1: Submit Request to J&J Enterprise - SharePoint Coordinators to create a new SharePoint Site - APRIL 2015

MILESTONE 2: Populate RMP SharePoint Site with content – JUNE 2015

MILESTONE 3: Pilot the RMP SharePoint Site with a few business users and incorporate feedback– JULY 2015

MILESTONE 4: Launch RMP SharePoint Site and present at RMP Roadshow