Soling Class Newsletter

By: McKenna and Ava

Morning Work

When we get to school in the morning, we unpack and we move our lunch stick if we are hot or cold. We change our gym shoes to go to gym with Mr. Boynton. We do our morning work which could be Daily fix-it where we have to fix mistakes in sentences. We could also do suffix pages, spelling pages or vocabulary pages.


In P.E. this week we are doing Fitness Testing. Mr. Boynton tests us with a loud speaker. It says either "Down up" or "Up down". We are doing push ups in the first section. We are doing a lot more in other sections too! Mr. Boynton teaches us and trains us for this moment. If you can help your children with these exercises then please do so. We also did the pacer test this week.


In math we are studying a lot for our unit math test on Wednesday. We are also studying for our math box quiz that we have every Friday. So make sure that your children study hard through the week. For our homework we are doing multiplication fact hunts. Make sure that your children are studying their multiplication facts.


In Music, we are practicing our songs. We are practicing Queen B, The flight of the Blunder Bee, One Old Owl, Welcome to recorder, Creature in the classroom, Hot Cross Buns and Here comes the sun. We practice these in music with Mrs. Karl. This week on Thursday we will be having Mrs. Soling's 3rd grade class's recorder recital. If you are able to come to this musical event please come.


In art we have officially completed our African Inspired Masks. We used color and made cool design patterns. We have moved on now that we are done with our African Inspired Masks. Now we are working on clay projects that are Pablo Picasso inspired. They have pipe cleaner hair and funky designs.


Our story this week is Fly Eagle Fly. It is an African Folk Tale. Our Focus Strategy is Cause and Effect. We read the story of the week on Tuesday. The question of the week is What behaviors are unique to different animals? We have new spelling and vocabulary this week so make sure your children study throughout the week.

Daily 5

This week in Daily 5 we are doing Decodable Reader, Weekend News, Mindomo, Padlet and vocabulary sheets on our tablets. We work on these while Mrs. Soling does guided reading. Once we are done with these things we can read a book, do X-tra math, Spelling City or Raz Kids. During Daily 5 we work quietly and share ideas with our friends while doing our work. Mrs. Cohen comes in during Daily 5 to help us!!

Daily 5 Votes

This weeks Daily 5 votes are for decodable reader, Weekend News, Mindomo, Padlet and All of the above.

Decodable Reader 1

Weekend News 8

Mindomo 10

Padlet 3

All of the Above 3

Mindomo Wins!!

Star Sudent

Our star student this week is Nicole. Today Nicole shared her items. She shared her Pokemon cards, her soccer award and her basketball award and she also shared her stuffed animal horse. On Friday, Nicole will share her estimating jar with the class.

Brain Break

On Friday, it will be our last day of school before spring break. Make sure your child brings all of his or her things home. Your children have to bring home their tablets and binders home. We hope everyone has an AWESOME spring break!!