Bridget Jones´s diary is the first novel written by Helen Fielding with the character of Bridget. She is a single girl that lives in London. She's 30 years old, she works in a publishing house and she is looking for the love. Bridget is funny, chaotic, obsessive...

The book tells month a month Bridget´s life for one year:

JANUARY: An Exceptionally Bad Start.

FEBRUARY: Valentine´s Day Massacre.

MARCH: Birthday.

APRIL: Mark Darcy.

MAY: Mother To Be.

JUNE: Boyfriend.

JULY: Huh.

AUGUST: Tv work

SEPTEMBER: Up the Fiereman´s Pole.

OCTOBER: Date with Mark Darcy.

NOVEMBER: Bridget´s mother

DECEMBER: Oh my God, Bridget´s boyfriend.

The first day of year, Bridget proposes five aims herself: to slim, to stop smoking, to stop drinking, to be charming and to find a good boy.


Helen Fielding was born in Yorkshire in 1958. She is a journalist and a novelist. In 1996 she published Bridget Jones´s Diary. The novel was one of the most important phenomenon of the nineties and turned into a great bestseller.

In 2001 the novel was taken to the cinema and it had a great succes. The main actors was Rene Zellweger, Colin Firh and Hugh Grant. In 1999 Helen Fielding published her second novel with the same character Bridget Jones, this novel was taken to the cinema also. In 2013 she publish her third novel with Bridget Jones, the title: Bridget Jones, crazy for him. In this novel Bridget Jones is 50 years old, she has lost her husband and she has two children.

Helen Fielding has written another novels, but the most important are those of the character Bridget.


  • Bridget Jones: She's funny, chaotic, obsessive. Everyday she has good intentions but she never fulfill.
  • Daniel Clever: Bridget´s boss. Funny and handsome. He does not behave well with her because he always cheats her.
  • Mark Darcy: Successful lawyer. Mark is calm, good and faithful. He is in love with Bridget but he does desmotrate it. He hates Daniel Cleaver.


  • Her friends: Tom, Jude and Shazzan.They have a special relation with Bridget. They are big friends, they are her best friends and they are those who give the advices to Bridget but not always these are the best advices.

  • Bridget´s mother: She is driven mad and obsessive. She likes her daughter but she doesn´t understand her.

  • Bridget´s father: He is sensitive and he always does that his wife says to him. He loves very much his daughter and his wife.



  • Crop: to cut (hair) very short.
  • Pumice stone: a light porous acid volcanic rock.
  • Spreadsheets: a computer program that allows easy entry and manipulation of figures, equations and text.
  • Gloom: a state of depression or melancholy.
  • Kettle: a metal container with a handle and spout for boiling water.
  • Odd: unusual or peculiar in appearance, character ...


I think the book is good, because the author writes about different topics: love, friendly relationships, relations with your parents...

The book is very easy to read because the author uses easy words. Though it's a diary and It always follows the same scheme in the diary there isn´t only story because there is dialog between the character also.

My favourite character is Mark Darcy because along the novel you can see that he's a good and sensitive person. It has suffered in love before to know Bridget and he doesn´t want it returns to pass the same thing. I like Mark Darcy because he loves Bridget as she´s. He loves Bridget though she is obsessive, chaotic and she never knows wants what.

I would recommend it because it's a funny book.