Word Processor

Career Clusters

#1. Learning Word Processors

To learn how to use word processors you will complete the interactive videos on learning.com.

Make sure to pay attention and follow along- a grade is given at the end of each video.

*Students must make at least a 70% on the Quiz*

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Career Planning

extra survey

Career Cluster Explanations

Choose the career cluster (program) with the words "general"

16 Clusters with Job Examples:

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#3. Pick top 2

Choose two of your three clusters to discuss. These two clusters you will write about in Pages creating a newsletter.

USE Google Docs:

#4. Write TWO Paragraphs

You will write TWO paragraphs- one for each cluster.

EACH paragraph will be 100-125 words long. Using good punctuation, grammar, and writing in complete sentences.

GClassroom-click "open", create-->docs

Write your two paragraphs here.

DO NOT change font, size, color or do ANY formatting.

ONLY type your paragraphs.

Check your word count

In Google Docs- on the Formatting Toolbar:


*Word count

What to Write about:

-One paragraph for each cluster:

  • discuss how the Career Clusters are similar and different
  • discuss the good and bad of that career cluster
  • discuss the different job choices you would be interested in that are within that Career cluster
  • why this Career cluster is a good choice for you- personality, location, etc.
  • define the Career Cluster: what/how did the results describe the group
  • Why certain jobs under each Career cluster may be good or bad
  • how much schooling would it require- 2yrs./4yrs. etc.
  • would you need to live in a certain location/area for some of these jobs.


#5. Use PAGES to Format a "newsletter"


-Watch the tutorial BEFORE getting started.

- Choose BLANK

-DO NOT CHOOSE a TEMPLATE-->this will make turning in your project more difficult

-Paste in your two paragraphs (articles)

-Be sure to format correctly - checklist below

Use two column form to compare and contrast the two chosen clusters.

*include a picture with each article


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File- SAVE (cmd+s)

Be sure to NAME YOUR file-

**Be sure to check where you are saving**

WHERE:____ -->change to desktop (this will make it easier to turn in)


Turn in to GClassroom-

ADD- FILE- (should be on your desktop) -TURN IN

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