HR Update


Contract Information

Principals Review and Pick-up Contracts from HR - Wednesday, April 22 - Friday, April 24, 2020

Contracts issued to Certified Employees - Monday. April 27, 2020

Contracts Returned to Principals by Employees - by Sunday, May 10, 2020

Contracts Returned to HR - by Wednesday, May 13, 2020


PLEASE NOTE THAT FRIDAY, MAY 8TH IS THE LAST DAY FOR ALL RECOMMENDATIONS. Other districts are not honoring the extension this year. Therefore, in order to meet the state required May 10th deadline, you will need to ensure that they are received in HR NO LATER THAN the morning of May 8th and that you have made contact with Kimberly Scott to ensure that it will be processed before the deadline. This date will also apply to INTERNAL transfers as well.

Assistant Principal Transfer Requests:

Current Assistant Principals who would like to be considered for a transfer need to complete a paper HR 42 form, obtain the signature of their current principal, and send the form to Devona Price in Human Resources. They will then apply for any vacancies online as they are posted. These forms should be turned in prior to applying for vacancies online and no later than contract due dates. Transfer request forms are only needed if an Assistant Principal wishes to transfer laterally to another school to be an Assistant Principal. If they are pursuing a position of a higher grade, they do not need to complete the form.

Assistant Principal Evaluations

  • Complete 71a and 71b by March 31

  • Submitted (via Google Folder or Inner-Office Mail to Kimberly Freeman) by April 30, 2020

Summer Training Now Open

Summer Mentor & Evaluator Trainings are now open!

  • To serve as a mentor or evaluator, an educator must have successfully completed at least one year on a continuing contract.

  • Only administrators can register educators for this training. Adding names to the roster is our way of verifying educators have administrator support to serve in these roles.

  • All trainings below will take place in the Central Services Auditorium from 8:00-4:00 each day.

  • Look for an updated credential list for your school in the next 2 weeks, which will include credential renewal dates. More information will be coming soon regarding renewal, but we anticipate the following:

    • Mentors will need to renew their credential 5 years from the original date by completing SCTS 4.0 Evaluator Training.

    • Evaluators will need to renew their credential 3 years from the original date by recertifying through the online exam.

It's Hiring Season.. Don't Forget the Hiring Guide.. How Can We Help You Utilize It As a Tool?

SC Lead Reminders

Entering Final Scores in SC Lead:

During Summative SLO conferences, please enter the final SLO rating on the “Overall Ratings” tab before signing the summative conference tab for Annual & Continuing GBE evaluations. If you need a copy of the SLO rubric, you can find it by clicking on this link. For Induction, Annual Summative & Continuing Comprehensive Evaluations, you’ll need to wait until you are ready to sign the Results tab to enter the SLO score there. (Here is the SLO User Guide, too!)

During consensus meetings, you may notice that there is a space for an additional are of reinforcement and refinement to be given, as well as additional reflection. This is not required in this step. (That feedback is required for each lesson observed, but not the consensus meeting.)

A few changes to SCLead have rolled over in the past few days. Please be on the lookout for these updates, which should be helpful:

  • The educator’s self-reflection will now automatically release once the date & time entered for the observation has passed! This is great news, as you will no longer need to enable the self-reflection manually after each observation. However, you’ll want to be sure to enter the date & time accurately, so that the reflection isn’t visible before the observation has occurred.

  • Additional attachment options will be available on SLOs moving forward, including in the preliminary conference. This will give educators who wish to upload scoring documents at that point a place to do so in the SLO itself.

  • You will notice a new tab in the SLO now called “overall rating.” Please complete that at the summative conference, as it will automatically fill the SLO field on the results tab, streamlining the process of finalizing evaluations this year. (The SLO User Guide has been updated to reflect this change.)

  • You should also now see a reflection box at each conference for additional information, as well as a mid-course signature option for GBE evaluations!


Click here for timelines, updates, and all the information you need in regards to evaluation, etc.. as we move into second semester.

Aspiring Assistant Principal Pool

THANK YOU to all who volunteered to assist in the interviewing, filled out reference forms, and supported the process. We have vetted over 100 candidates for our Aspiring Assistant Principal Pool for the 2020-2021 school year and are proud to say that we now have an outstanding pool of ___ candidates to support next year.