Myers Minute

Growing, learning, and having fun!

Student Council

Congratulations to Allison and Jackson for winning our classroom votes for student council! All of the candidates did a great job with their posters and speeches. It takes a lot of courage to get up in front of your peers and give a speech! Great job!
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Reading-Asking Questions???

One of the things that good readers do is ask questions. As you read you think to yourself, what? who? how? why? when? Constantly asking questions and thinking about reading helps aid in comprehension. We are working on making ourselves more aware of what our questions are as we read. When reading with your child stop and ask every so often and ask them what questions they have. A good starter question is...what's going on in your story?

Math-Addition, Subtraction, and More!

We will be having a test over Unit 2 this Thursday. Students will be bringing home a completed study guide tonight. These are problems that are similar to what will be on their test. We will be starting Unit 3 next week.


Project time! Students are working in groups to come up with a new animal! Each child has a role in the group. As a group they have to decide where the animal will live, what it will eat, and what special characteristics it possesses. Groups will eventually draw and label their new creatures and create a presentation to share with the class. They have had lots of good questions so far!