Technology in 6th Grade

Mackenzey Kronberg


One of the units that we do is iTrailer. We use the app iMovie to create a trailer about anything that we want. You get many class days to work on it and when you are done you turn it in. Then you can present to the class if you want to. It was really cool to see the trailers because of all the creativity that we could use.

Explain Everything

Another unit that we do is Explain Everything. Explain Everything is an app that allows you to create a recording of you explaining how to do something. We got to choose from 10 math problems and then use the Explain Everything app to explain how to solve the problem. When you are done you submit it to Schoology.

Haiku Deck

In Technology, another unit that we do is a Haiku Deck about your dream job. You get lots of class time to research and work on your project. You explain things such as, what your dream job is, what you do in your job, etc. My Haiku Deck was about being a pediatrician. When you are finished you turn it in and then everyone presents to the class.


Coding is a website on the computer where you do basic coding. There were many stages in Each quarter we had to complete certain stages. Coding was useful for our social skills because we could help each other if we were stuck on levels.

Career Locker

Career Locker was a bit different from the rest of our units. We had Mrs. VandenBoogaard teach us instead of Mrs. Myers. In Career Locker, we had class time to research about jobs that we would like to have in the future. We took tests to see what types of jobs would fit our personality. It was very beneficial because it even showed what colleges you could go to in order to get the education that you need at for your dream job.

Learn to Type/ Typing Web

The first thing you do when you get to Technology is go on Learn to Type and type for 5 minutes. We had to get through certain stages every quarter. It was really cool to see our words per minute go up through all of the lessons that we did.