1960's Newspaper (:

Daniel, Brianna, Katherine, Michelle. 🌚💕

Pony boy getting jumped and was saved. ✨

Pony boy was coming back from seeing a movie. Pony boy was just minding his own business but Pony boy should have known that he shouldn't walk alone. The Socs spotted Pony boy and well The Greasers and The Socs don't get along. So when the Socs saw Pony boy alone so they decided to jump him. They grabbed him and threw him on the floor. Then the Socs pulled out a knife and they put it near his neck. Then Darry (Pony boy's older brother) came to Pony boy's rescue and he saved Pony boy from almost getting killed. Now the gang Pony Boy's in learned a valuable lesson that no one in the gang will ever walk alone they will always have to have someone walking with them if not get a ride. In the gang they care for one another even though they have a hard time expressing it.