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Butler Elementary - Volume 12 - March 2021

BE - 1!

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Health and Safety Information

PA State: Universal Masking Order

Revisions to the masking order were effective at 12 a.m. on November 18. The secretary of health has directed that everyone should wear an appropriate face covering, both indoors and outdoors. The face covering procedures outlined within the Central Bucks' Health and Safety Plan are already in compliance with the revised order. The order continues to allow for appropriate “mask breaks,” and for students to remove their mask during breakfast and lunch.

The order reinforces the necessity to mask, even when outdoors. During outdoor activities, students will be required to maintain sustained physical distance whenever they are unmasked. When participating in an outdoor activity that precludes physical distancing, students will be required to wear a mask.

Find more information on the questions and answers page here. More information about when student athletes must wear face coverings on our website here. At this time, face shields of any kind (without a mask) are not in compliance with the updated order.

District Health and Safety Plan

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Central Bucks School District Health & Safety Plan. You can find it on the district website by following this link, Health and Safety Plan. You can also find the CB Return to School Guide here. Both include a great deal of information on district procedures and protocols. They will answer many of your questions.

Important Information

Pennies for Patients

Butler will be running our Pennies for Patients campaign from March 1st to March 19th. To simplify our collection this year, we will only be accepting online donations.

We Are About to Kick Off!

Heroes are never alone, they band together! Our school has decided to take on blood cancer and our mission is to help find a cure. Be on the lookout for more information in the upcoming days as we kick-off our Hero Squad program on Monday, March 1st!

By participating in Hero Squad, your student will learn about teamwork, bravery, social awareness, and will become part of a Squad that supports blood cancer patients, letting them know they are not alone. Hero Squad emphasizes the importance of social and emotional learning and gaining the experience of helping both children and adults in their fight against blood cancer right in our community.

Your student can get started early by visiting, finding our school and joining their classroom to set up a page of their own. Help your student develop goal-setting, self-motivation and organizational skills and they will earn fun Hero Gear at various fundraising levels! Every hero needs a squad!

Please click here to view a video message explaining our campaign and how to set up an account for your child.

Kindergarten Registration 2021-2022

Families of new students who are eligible to enroll in kindergarten in the 2021-2022 school year are invited to begin the registration process. Get the details on eligibility, what documents to gather, and how to navigate the online registration process at We look forward to welcoming the class of 2033!

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Free Breakfasts and Lunches Continue through End of Year

Free Breakfast and Lunches are Available to All Students DAILY through the completion of the 2020-2021 School Year.

All Meals will be served with choice of milk, 4oz fresh vegetable and either 4oz of fresh fruit or 100% fruit juice to follow USDA guidelines for what makes a meal. Any second entrée will be charged a la carte pricing to the students account. All menus can be found by going to

Curbside pickup is still available on Mondays and Thursdays from 10:30am-12pm at CB East, CB South, and CB West. Students do not need to be present at pick up.

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Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

CHIP is Pennsylvania's Children's Health Insurance Program for uninsured children and teens up to age 19.

Click on the link for more information about CHIP; Click on the link for the online application.

CB Help Desk

Need Tech Support for Students Device? Set-up a Help Ticket by clicking here. The Technology & Innovation Department Support Team is ready to help!

Support Staff Job Opportunities

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Calendar and Upcoming Events

School Calendar


Mar. 1-5 - Dr. Seuss Spirit Week (See Schedule Below)

Mar. 2 - Read Across America Day - Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Mar. 5 - No School for Students; Staff Professional Development Day

Mar. 9 - CB School Board Meeting - 7:30 PM (16 Welden)

Mar. 12 - End of 2nd Trimester; Half-Day for Students - Dismissal 12:25 PM

Mar. 14 - Daylight Savings - Sunday (Spring Forward)

Mar. 16 - Butler PTO Night at Chipotle (Details to Come) - 4:00 PM-8:00 PM

Mar. 20 - First Day of Spring - Saturday (Free Ritas!)

Mar. 23 - CB School Board Meeting - 7:30 PM (16 Welden)

Mar. 25 - Half Day for Students (Dismissal 12:25 PM); Spring PM Parent Conferences

Mar. 26 - Half Day for Students (Dismissal 12:25 PM); Spring PM Parent Conferences

Read Across America - 3/1- 3/5

Butler celebrates Read Across America Week to honor Dr. Seuss's Birthday (March 2nd)! Details below regarding our Spirit Week and DEAR at Home initiative this week.

Read Across America Spirit Week

    • Monday, March 1st – Wear a Silly Outfit!
    • Tuesday, March 2nd – Dress like a FAMOUS American or in Red, White & Blue for Dr. Seuss’ Birthday!
    • Wednesday, March 3rd – Dress like an Athlete!
    • Thursday, March 4th – Wear an Outfit to Represent Your Culture or Hometown!
    • Friday, March 5thNo School for Students (But Wear Your Favorite Color Day!)

DEAR at Home Week

  • Students will be encouraged to “Drop Everything and Read” at home each evening and record the minutes "they’ve read" or "have been read to" on this reading log.
  • Parents and teachers will be encouraged to send photographs of their child(ren)/student(s) reading for pleasure at home or in school. Photographs can be sent to Miss D’Angelo: Photographs will be displayed on the bulletin board outside of both Reading Rooms, featured on Butler's morning BEAR TV announcements and the Paw Power Press Newsletter!
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CB Cares Boomerang Award - March

The Boomerang Youth Recognition award is a district wide monthly program which recognizes and honors youth in our community by exemplifying and living by one of the chosen developmental assets. Students can be nominated by teachers, peers, family, and community members. Please consider nominating a student for February.

The Asset for March is #30 - Responsibility: Young person accepts and takes personal responsibility.

Nomination forms can be found clicking here and can sent to Mrs. O'Connell by Monday, March 29, 2021

School Happenings

Random Act of Kindness Day - 2/17/21

Butler Elementary celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day on Wednesday the 17th - members from our Kindness Committee posted small encouragements and affirmations around the building - with a celebration of "wearing yellow" in honor of Joey Edwards and the "Kind Like Joey" Foundation.
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Honoring Black History Month with Daily "In 20-Tweets"

The Butler Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is coordinating plans to celebrate our school's diverse population - recognizing our all of our individual differences and how we help to make Butler so great! Butler's BE-1! school-wide theme highlights our togetherness displayed through our School's Paw Power attributes - especially those that can positively influence our connectedness through Understanding, Teamwork, Leadership and Respect. With February nationally recognized as "Black History Month", our staff committee has launched In 20-Tweets, highlighting influential African-Americans from Pennsylvania. Check-out our Twitter Page to learn about these amazing individuals each day this month!

Culture Day with Mrs. Curran's 3rd Grade

Students in Miss Curran's classroom hosted “Culture Day” as a culminating celebration of their Immigration and Culture Social Studies Unit. Throughout the unit students learned how and why immigrants might move to the United States of America, as well as how diverse our community is through people’s different traditions, holidays, languages, foods and more. As an optional project, students learned more about their family cultures by creating Family Shields to share with their class. Students learned about the diversity in their own classroom through these presentations!

Student Showcase

Butler's February Paw Print Winners

BUTLER = Butler - Understanding - Teamwork - Leadership - Educational Excellence - Respect

These important words are what define a Butler Bear - attributes every student and staff member strives to embrace each day - in school, at home or in our community. Our Paw Power program honors our students - who are awarded "coupons" when recognized for displaying Positive Paw Power behaviors to their classmates, teachers and school. Students featured below received a very special t-shirt to wear with pride and confidence for doing the right thing! Congratulations!

Department Updates

Counselor's Corner

Coping with Setbacks

It is inevitable. We all face setbacks in our lives, many times out of our direct control. How we handle those disappointments is up to us. Learning strategies to deal with disappointment and failure builds key characteristics children need to succeed, such as coping skills, emotional resilience, creative thinking, and the ability to collaborate. Ultimately, it can pave the way for successes, because achieving success is nearly impossible without risking failure.

Teaching our children to weather setbacks and failures is one of the more difficult jobs we face as parents. The disappointments change over time, but feeling bad about seeing your child upset never gets easier.

How to help your child deal with disappointment and failure:

· Empathize with their feelings

· Teach them how to manage expectations

· Help your child with self-calming techniques

· Model coping strategies

· Teach them to view disappointments as opportunities

· Be your child’s guide, not their savior

· Help your child find something they’re good at doing

We don't want our children to feel bad about themselves, but how do you resist the urge to rebuild your child's block tower when it tumbles to the floor, or refrain from talking to the coach if they never get to play goalie? There's no right answer. You need to determine how much struggling your child can bear. But there are times they need adult help.

When to step in:

· If failing would cause tremendous humiliation

· If your child is in danger

· If your child is being bullied

Books about coping with failure and disappointment:

· Rosie Revere, Engineer–Ages 5-8

· After the Fall–Ages 4-8

· She Persisted–Ages 4-8

· What do you do with a Problem–

Ages 5-10

· Oliver and the Seawigs–Ages 7-10

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The Art Palette

Fourth graders in Mrs. Keller’s Virtual Class are Illuminating letters as part of their Middle Ages and Renaissance Unit. At that time books were precious, with few people being able to read or write. Making a book required the combined effort of a Parchmenter, Scribe and Illuminator. Illuminated letters got their name because actual gold leaf was applied to the page to ‘light up or illuminate the letter.

Second graders in Mrs. Rosica’s class learned about the culture and storytelling of Indigenous People and read the story “The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush” by Tommy dePaola.

Sixth Graders in Mrs. Brown’s Virtual Class created Optical Illusions in their Modern Art Unit. They were inspired by artists Bridget Riley and M.C. Escher who combined the study of math and science with art to make their viewer question what they see. They also practiced drawing with value when they created Penrose Triangles which are also know and ‘Impossible Tringles’.

Physical Education

QUEST- For the Future!

I am confident that at some point this school year, you heard your student mention Minecraft. Minecraft Education Edition is a part of the QUEST program and the excitement is everywhere - used to drive student learning in meaningful ways.

Minecraft Education Edition (MEE) is an open-world game promoting creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination. MEE helps prepare students for the future workplace - focusing on communication, critical- thinking and systems thinking. The open learning environment gives students the freedom to experiment, encouraging creative self-expression and problem solving. Teachers using MEE teach in a range of subjects: history and chemistry to sustainability and foreign languages, mapping lessons directly to specific learning outcomes and standards.

Fifth grade classes recently applied their knowledge of Jamestown to recreate the settlement. Students were able to showcase their knowledge as they collaborated with friends to build together! This was a great way for all learners to apply critical- thinking to make decisions for settlement they constructed. Currently, third and fourth grade students are applying their knowledge of Mars. Mission teams must first research current Mars facts by accessing characters embedded in a pre-built NASA station found in MEE. Once teams collect information, they board a rocket and head to Mars! Teams are then challenged to build a living space, develop a farming system, and transportation system. Butler fifth and sixth graders will end the year with a Minecraft unit that drives empathy as they collaborate to build homes for those less fortunate. Students will develop their creativity and individual abilities to empathize with given families in need. Student teams will critically examine model family struggles and brainstorm empathetic solutions. The team will then critically select solutions from a brainstorming list to implement for a family in need. The unit will end with students building a dream home for their given family.

While there have been many limitations to hands- on building this year in the QUEST program, Minecraft Education Edition is a great way to drive the four key pillars of the program. Students are collaborating, thinking critically, communicating, and showing their creativity.

~Mrs. Augustine

News From the Butler PTO

Butler Virtual Bear Clubs

Butler Bear Clubs are virtual - with winter enrichment classes available for all students from Butler Elementary. We look forward to seeing everyone join along.

  1. Yoga - On Feb. 17 - Mrs. Adi Strigl guided parents and kids through a variety of Yoga exercises, stretches and relaxation exercises. We moved like a boat, tree, warrior, and shared our butterfly hands. She reminded us all to say and remember "kindness begins with me".
  2. Poetry - On Feb 18 - Butler parent Dr. Robert Ficociello from Holy Family University talked to us about “Poetry Made Easy.” We learned that syllables are "the beats" of our words. Participants used both syllables and rhymes to write haikus and limericks that were shared on the call.

Remaining March Classes include (Zoom links in flyer here):

March 1 - Improv (Acting) Grades K-3

March 3 - Kick Boxing

March 4 - Beginners Sign Language

March 8 - Improv (Acting) Grades 4-6

March 10 - Karate

March 11 - Origami (Angry Bird)

Please email Jeannie Redner with any questions. Thank you!

PTO Newsletter

To read the most recent online Newsletter from the Butler PTO, please click here. The newsletter is a great way to stay on top of all that is happening at Butler.

District Contacts

Central Bucks School District

Superintendent: John J. Kopicki, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent-Secondary: Abram M. Lucabaugh, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent-Elementary: Nadine M. Garvin, Ed.D

Butler Elementary School

Mr. Karl Funseth - Principal

Mr. Jesse Brosious - Assistant Principal

Mrs. Judie Pereira - Principal's Secretary

Mrs. Michele Droxler - Assistant Principal's Secretary