Honors Priority Registration

Everything you need to know for spring 2016 registration

Honors Priority Registration

Wednesday, Oct. 28th, 7am

This is an online event.

Registration for Honors students in good university standing* begins on Wednesday, October 28 at 7 AM EST.

*Good university standing means that you are not on UNIVERSITY warning or probation--this does not impact students who are only on Honors probation. Additionally, you must have no holds on your account that would prohibit registration.

1) Find your courses: DARS, The Bulletin, Banner and the Honors Course Guide

Where to begin? We recommend picking your courses ahead of time.

If you're not sure what to take, consult your DARS (access it here) to see what you still need. You can also visit the Temple Bulletin (see 2015-2016's Bulletin here) to see your suggested courses based upon your major.

Peruse the spring 2016 university offerings through Banner (or by going here)

You should also review our course guide (located here) for more information on certain Honors courses and Honors professors.

We have exciting new courses in Education, Philosophy, History, Greek and Roman Classics, Engineering--take a look through the whole thing! (we might also have some Mosaic professors listed...hint)...

Make note of the course CRN (course registration number), not just the course number itself!

2) Honors Registration Access PIN

On Wednesday morning, log in to Banner and go to "Registration" then "Add or Drop Courses." You'll need to enter in the Honors Registration Access PIN when prompted by Banner. The Honors number is 999999.*

*Please note: If you are on university warning or probation, you will not be able to register on October 28 and thus will have a different PIN. Please visit your school advising unit so they can tell you your spring 2016 registration PIN.

3) Know your CRNs!

After entering in your PIN, you should be able to type in your CRNs and then click on "Submit Changes." If all goes well*, you're done!

*You might receive errors for certain courses for any number of reasons. Make note of what the error says (e.g. Pre-requisite, Cohort, Special Authorization, etc.). See the next step below...

4) What if something goes wrong?

Don't fret--remember you're still registering ahead of most other Temple students. Come by the Honors office in Tuttleman 204 on Wednesday for help. We'll be taking walk-ins all day long starting at 8:30 AM.

It is recommended that you visit us in person rather than send an email that day--as you might imagine, it might take us a while to get to your concern via email!