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What is volume???

Volume is the amount of space occupied in a three-dimentional figure, or the number of unit cubes that fit into a three-dimentional area. So how do you find volume? Look below to see what everything means or stands for. In the picture to the left it shows how many cubes would fit in the object. If the dimentions are 4cm by 4cm by 3cm then the volume is 48cm3.

What does everything mean? (letters and symbols)

B= the area of the base shape.

h=height of the prism


TT= pi or 3.14159265358979......( use 3 or 3.14)

r= radius (half of the diameter)

2= the number square wich is times itself. Example-8*8=64, 9*9=81

3=the number cubed. Example-2*2*2= 8, 3*3*3=27

1/3= the number divided by 3

4/3= the number times 4 then divided by 3

Three-dementional shapes

Equations of shapes


Tom is an architect and his boss wants him to find how many floors can fit in a 42ft by 50ft by 300ft building. If each each floor has a volume off 700ft, how many floors will the the building have?


What you would do first is find the volume of the buliding. Which is 42*50*300

Then you take the volume of the buliding and divide it by 700 to see how many floors can fit in the building.