By: Sam Crow

Basic Facts

  • Population: 5,231,422
  • Capital: Ashgabat
  • Leader: President Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov
  • Government Type: presidential republic
  • Languages: Turkmen and Russian
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Sports and Entertaiment

Turkmenistan's favorite sport is soccer. Kids in Turkmenistan play volleyball, wrestling, Karate, and Judo. Men in Turkmenistan play soccer and race horses. People who live in cities play tennis, swimming, and ice-skating. Older men enjoy watching soccer. For entertainment, the people in Turkmenistan watch TV, listen to the radio, go to a state theater or concert hall, or take walks. Young urban people go to movie theaters. Older men play a form of backgammon called Shesh-Besh. Families picnic in nearby valleys or mountains. Children used to have to make their own toys but now have imported toys.


Turkmenistan's GDP per capita is 15,600. They produce tons of gas, their reserve is one of the largest in the world. Some of the oil they produce goes to Russia. They also produce a lot of cotton. Cotton takes up a lot of Turkmenistan's farmland. They also have good farmland.


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