By: Sadie Yurkovich and Ava Romah

The Different Types and Forms

The different types and forms of Hieroglyphics are Hieratic and Demotic, and they were written in symbols known as glyphs. In the text, it states, “Glyphs were separated into two groups, phonograms, which are glyphs that represent sounds, and ideograms, which are glyphs that represent object or ideas.” Unlike our way of writing, the Egyptians wrote from right to left in long lines. Phonograms represented the sounds of single consonants. The Egyptians did not write vowels. These are the different types and forms of hieroglyphics.


Other Forms of Writing

The other form of writing that the Egyptians created was scripts. In the text it states, "Scripts were mainly used for formal inscriptions on the walls of temples and tombs." The inscriptions were very detailed, some were even in full color, and in others they had simple outlines. The reason that Egyptians invented scripts was because they believed it was important to record and communicate information about religion and government. The other form of writing the Egyptians created were called scripts.

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How Hieroglyphics Affect Us Today

Hieroglyphics have had a lot of impact on us today. They supplied us with a lot of information that computers couldn't give us. Without hieroglyphics, we wouldn't have as much information about Egypt. Hieroglyphics have let us communicate with the Egyptians. This is how we are affected by hieroglyphics today.
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How Egyptians Used Hieroglyphics

The Egtptians used hieroglyphics in many different ways. In the text, it states," The ancient Egyptians believed that it was important to record and communicate information about religion and government." Another way they used hieroglyphics was to carve the lettering onto Egyptian monuments. The priests used them to write down prayers, magical texts, and texts related to life after death. CIvil officals used hieroglyphics to write documents and record important events. These are all ways that Egyptians used hieroglyphics.