Motion Activated lights switches

Josh, Conner, Alex

What does it do?

A motion activated light switch is a switch that has a sensor the scans its surrounding for motion, and turns on, and the lights turn off when there is no motion in the room.

What energy/consumable habit needs to be changed at West?

The habit that needs to be changed in west is the use electrical energy. We use electric energy by leaving the computers, i pads, desktops, laptops, smart boards, and phones plugged in.

The reason we are choosing this change is....

To conserve energy and make energy cleaner for the earth because right now Coppell middle school is consuming way too much energy charging tech and leaving stuff plugged. We also leave the lights on for way too long per day.

This change will be beneficial to West because…

Coppell Middle school West consumes too much electric energy by leaving the lights on, and also leave too much stuff plugged in. This will keep the energy lower by a lot of money$$$.

we use 91,300 KW per month

we use 1,095,600 per year

$8,217 per month

We spend $98,604 per year$$

The hallway lights are always on but the class room lights are on from 7:00AM to 6:00 PM (11 hours) approximateley.

How Many dollars would we spend if we go motion activated lights switches?

We would spend about $2,300 on these light switches. Don't get me wrong thats a lot of money but it would equally out with the electric bill.
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Motion Activated Light Video


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LED VS Fluorescent

We at our school use fluorescent lights we want to also change to LED lights to save money and electricity.

LED Lights or light emitting diodes and are found either as single diodes, such as in a flashlight.

Fluorescent lights come I two primary types: tube lighting and CFL. Fluorescent lights can range in sizes from tubes multiple feet long and the compact bulbs.