More Fashion, Less Fur

Animals are not meant to be killed for your fashion purposes

That Fur Coat You're Wearing? 50 Million Animals Were Tortured and Killed For That

Every year around 50 million animals including foxes, dogs, rabbits, ferret, cats and many more are slaughtered for the looks of their fur. The conditions these animals endure are cruel and torturous, crammed in small confined cages filled with species.

These animals endure tremendous suffering caused by torturous killing methods such

* electrocution

* neck breaking

* suffocation

* poisons

* gases.

For More Information About the Horrid Conditions of Fur Farms Take a Look At the Links Below:

This is what YOU'RE supporting if you don't help!

Would You Brutally Torture Your Dog To Wear Their Fur on Your Feet?

We are reaching out to animal owners and lover around the nation! The "More Fashion Less Fur" interest group needs you're help to make fur farms illegal and the production of animal fur illegal. Come together to stop the disturbing act of brutally slaughtering innocent animals who just want love. Do it for your pets at home.

We are joining arms and you can help!

We are collaborating to stop fur farms with the most well known animal rescue groups around the nation such as;

* Big Cat Rescue

* Defenders Of Wildlife Action Fund

* American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Bernie Sanders wants fur farms GONE!

Bernie Sanders is an advocate for animal welfare and human treatment. He co-sponsored pieces of legislation to protect the interests of animals! Bernie has cosponsored the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act which criminalizes attending an animal fight.