Eagle Updates

Whats going on at Eagle Elementary? Read this to find out!


Happy New Year from Student Council. I hope you are enjoying our newsletters and our SCA has worked very hard this year improving our school. We would like to welcome all our new students for 2016! Please let us know if you need anything and how we can help make your transition to Eagle a happy one. :)

Student Council Update

This week at SCA, we voted for a student council t-shirt. I want you to know that we have interviewed our new students and their biography's are on the board. We also made new posters for our three bulletin boards. Remember to check the bulletin boards out every week because there is most likely something new. Our Spell Bowl team got fourth in the state! If you are a new student I hope you like our new student letter. See you next time!!

No two snowflakes are alike!

We made snowflakes at our December meeting to create a nice message to the school. We had fun!
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We are hard at work

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Upcoming Events

The art show was the best! The orchestra club has been working hard on some Holiday songs. They are going to have a concert on December 17. I am stuffed from Thanksgiving I bet you are too. Also we are participating in Pennies for Patients in February. 4th graders have just started science bowl. I hopr you all have a happy new year!


We are trying to reduce our carbon footprint in the cafeteria by collecting forks and spoons. In the next newsletter we are going to tell you when that starts and ends. It is almost Christmas so have snow-clothes in hand for when it snows..

Lunch with Mrs.Squier

Last Friday the leadership team had a lunch with Mrs.Squier. We discussed lunchroom behaviors and implementing a recycling program. Thank you Mrs. Squier for meeting with us!

Getting Creative on the playground- a Fairy House!!

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