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Info will be coming in daily - first batch of answers to popular questions!

When will new TOMs be in the Business Basic Package?
New Designers that purchase a Business Basic Kit between March 6th- March 16th , will receive the new Spring TOMs in their Business Package.

When will new spring jewelry be in the Business Basic Package?
New Designers that purchase a Business Basic Package on March 17th, will receive the updated Spring Basic Business Package.

NOTE: However please stress to your team that they do NOT want to hold enrolling sponsors on this date.

This package does not only include Spring Jewelry, but a mix of both.
ALSO: the best value for a new Designer to start their business is to purchase an existing Business Basic Package and then a Designer Spring Sample Pack. They are in the most ideal time to join because they get the value of both.

Also remember that PV is not given for their Basic Business Package, but will be given for their Sample Packs.

What are the commission on the new categories?
Earrings: 30%
Extenders: 30%

What should I use for an earring stand?
We are currently working on an O2 exclusive earring stand. But that isn't presently available. I would recommend going to Michaels or another craft store and purchase a white stand for your meetings.

When can we expect the new Host Exclusive?
We will be sending this to you by the beginning of next week.

New Designer Kits are back up and running!

KT3004 & KT3005

A few important facts to remember…

Designer Packages
- Pre- Sale Begins Today, March 4th
- Shipping will Begin March 13th
- Available from March 4th – March 31st ONLY
- Limited Quantities

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