Cowboy Life


What is a cattle drive?

A cattle Drive is something that could take a rancher from one place to another in a few minutes.It is used for driving alot of cattles.

Where do Cattles live and Why?

Cattles live in texas because texsas is full of farms

What Was life like for cowhands during a cattle drive and why?

1-Life was hard because they lacked food and sometimes had to kill their cows.

2-The lifestyle of a cowboy on the great plains was a lonely one because, near the turn of the century the need for skilled, reliable cowboys was waning. Something needed to be done to prevent the extinction of the cowboy way of life.

Why did cattle ranchers want to get the cattle to the Northern and Eastern states?

The cattle tanchers wanted to get the cattle to the Northern and Eastern states because there was a ready market short on fres meat.

What are cattles and why were they imprtant?

Cattles are long horny cows.They were impotrat because people in the north were starving for meat from the cattles

Who were some famous cowboys and what made them so famous?

Jesse Stahl and John Ware.

John Ware-A highly respected rancher.

Jesse Stahl-Once rode a bronco backwards with a suitcase in his hand.


Where were the cattle being driven?

The cattles were being driven to the northern cities in Kansas.

Why were cattle important

Cattle were important because they were animals used for food productions.
Cattle drive Wyoming 2010

Why were the cattle being taken to kansas?

Cattle were being taken to Kansas because there were some people that were hungry.

Why did cattle drive end in the late 1800s?

Cattle drivers were the method used to move herds of cattle from land to slaughter houses or to another location for the winter.When the railroads were build across much of U.S. west coast they started to move cattle in railroad cattle cars.