Nature's Wonder Woman

Lila Breazeale

Her Super-Suit

Nature Womans outfit is the thing that stands out the most about her. Her suit is a dark green with a brown stitching. Her symbol sits on the middle of her chest and is loud and proud with a large tree with the roots spelling out NWW.
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Her Super Talents

  • She can see danger from miles away. (Occipital Lobe)
  • She can speak and understand animals(Broca's and Wernicke's Area)
  • She can hear anything within a five mile distance.(Temporal Lobe)
  • She can smell a forest fire from a mountain range away.(Parietal Lobe)
  • She has the ability to run at the speed of a cheetah and never fall.(Cerebellum)
  • She can also control people and animals hunger, body temperature, and emotions at the blink of an eye.(Hypothalamus)

What parts of her brain affect her talents.

Her ability to see extreme distances is due to having a heightened occipital lobe, this is known due to the fact that that lobe controls sights.

Her ability to speak and understand animals is due to a crazy impressive Broca's Area and Wernicke's Area. The Broca's Area controls speech and the Wernicke's Area controls what we understand.

Her ability to hear from a great distance is due to an heightened Temporal Lobe. The Temporal Lobe is what controls hearing and sounds.

Her ability to smell from mountains away is due to a better than average Parietal Lobe. The Parietal Lobe contains the sensory cortex which includes your sense of smell.

Her ability of speed and balance is due to her superior Cerebellum. The Cerebellum controls voluntary movement and balance.

She can also control people and animals hunger, body temperature, and emotions due to being able to control others hypothalamus. The hypothalamus controls a person's hunger, body temperature, and emotions.

The story

One day Nature's Wonder Woman was enjoying a nice stroll through the woods when she started to smell smoke. That could only mean one thing, forest fire. She could tell it was farther than she wanted it to be so she started to sprint that started to gradually speed up until she was running like a cheetah. She could hear the cries of animals in the woods as they ran from the flames. She quickly told them to calm down and get to safety. She could see the small little animals running even as she flew by. Most of the animals had gotten out except one of Miss Bunny's kids. Miss Bunny yelled for her kid and NWW heard her cries and quickly dove into the fire to look. She finds the bunny and uses her abilities to cool the bunny down. Everyone was safe and sound all thanks to Nature's Wonder Woman!