How to Prepare your mini-Sitcom

It's easy if you Start planning early!

What You should know about Your upcoming Mini-Sitcom


You may follow this breakdown:

5mn: Discussion on the candid camera/ ideas from the group about the trick/ Cuts to someone busy in Kitchen/ ..Finally your Main character walks to bedroom and Dream..Get Creative!

3mn: Mini-Drama

2mn: Wakes Up and walks to his partner to the kitchen ..

3mn: Candid Camera that includes 1mn Making of

1mn: Final reactions from the group in the Studio about what has happened..

*This breakdown could be as flexible as your creativity and imagination will allow it!

**Respect the time guidelines & Try to have fun and entertain your viewers!

Plan your Shooting

Pick your Actors

Have a crew meeting

Book your needed equipment

Make a checklist before you go shoot

Have Fun & Be professional