Ultrasound Technician (Sonography)

Health Care

Job Duties

  • Operate sonographic machines
  • Explain procedures to patients
  • Read information to make diagnosis
  • Take ultasounds in breast,obstetric,and vascular regions

Salary,Hours, and Work Environment

  • Starting salary at $31.20 per hour/ $67,170 per year
  • The more experience can increase your wage up to $92,000 per year
  • Work 40 hour weeks. Weekends and holidays off
  • Work in hospitals and science labs


  • Bachelors degree
  • You need to have patience, persistance,accuracy,precision,and passion in this career
  • You always need to be focused and pay attention to detail

Advice/Pros and Cons

  • In this career there is always room to learn and do more
  • This career actually requires knowledge about anatomy ...(know the body well)
  • This career is safe and doesn't involve harmful radiation
  • This career is convenient and quick
  • Good pay for the little amount of schooling it requires
  • This job is physically demanding (you're always on your feet)
  • The equipment needed is heavy and complicated
  • You must have a keen eye for detail

Extra Facts

  • If you want to advance in this field, you may want to get certified. This can get you into the manager, supervisor, or director position
  • If you want extra experience that could lead to employment, you can complete course and lab work or complete on the job training
  • If you want further information on this career, you can shadow a sonographer in a hospital or research each part of the body you work on