Second Grade

Rock Star News

Dates to Remember

August 21- Picture Day (wear burgundy polos and khaki bottoms)

August 21- Curriculum Night 6:30-7:30 (2 sessions) One at 6:30 and one at 7:30

September 12- Conferences Half Day

What's happening this week...

Homework will be available on Renweb the Friday before. I understand how busy schedules can be and that the weekends may be a more opportune time to work on spelling and vocabulary.

Reading- We are starting our reading series this week. Students are expected to read their story every night. This week's story is Iris and Walter. I have sent home a comprehension sheet that they may work on throughout the week. It is due Friday.

Library books will be coming home some time this week. I would like them to read picture books 3 times before taking an AR test and thoroughly reading a chapter book only once.

Language Arts- We are working on number words this week. We use this skill quite a bit in math. Spelling and Dictation test will be on Thursday. Homework this week will consist of spelling Tic Tac Toe. Remember only one activity a night for a total of three (that the must do) and they are due on Thursday.

In grammar we are continuing recognizing incomplete and complete sentences. We will have a grammar quiz over this on Friday.


We will begin our first chapter over the Properties of Addition and Subtraction in My Math. I will send homework home on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will send home graded work from the book as we complete it. When we finish a chapter I will send home the unit review as well as any sheets that were completed but not taken for a grade in order to help them review and study.

We will begin to practice our addition facts everyday and then graph our results. This daily practice is not something that I grade, however students are tracking their practice on a graph.

I will begin to give graded timed tests THIS week. We will start with the 0's and 1's. Students should be fluent in their addition facts by November and subtraction by February. Fluent means they should be able to answer a problem with in 3 seconds. These are every bit as important as sight words.

Social Studies/Science--Our communities overview went very well over all. I know many did not do well on the postcard sheet. I believe that is because they either did not listen to directions or rushed through. I do read directions to the class, but I do not read each and every question to them. This is the time when they are realizing that they are going to have to slow down and reread questions before answering and then recheck their work. Sometimes they have to get those lower grades for them to know that I'm serious when I ask them to reread, ask questions and then recheck. I used this assignment in class today to show them how they need to slow down and reread directions carefully as well. As you look through your child's folder you will also see a Brain Pop Quiz. Most did not do very well on that either. I normally take this for a quiz grade, however since this was their first time taking one I decided not to add it to the grade book. We watched the video several times over the week and discussed it in depth and then again (twice) right before the quiz. Again, I think they need to know that videos are not always "just for fun" but a serious learning tool.

We will begin our unit on Earth's Materials (Natural Resources) this week!!

Rock Star of the Week

Courtney Ross

Second and Third Grade will be performing for Chapel this month!

Gentle Reminders

PE Day- We have PE first thing on Monday morning so please send students to school wearing their tennis shoes. We do not have a lot of time to stop and have 5 or 6 students changing their shoes. Thanks! SUPER JOB!!!!

Lunch Choices- Thanks for making lunch choices the night before or in the morning!! You Rock! SUPER JOB!!!

Snacks--Remember to pack a healthy and easy to eat snack for your child each day. We work while we snack. Second graders still spill their drinks so please, water only in the class.

Chapel--Wednesday is chapel so be sure to wear your burgundy shirts and khaki bottoms.

Uniforms-- Shirts are black, burgundy, white, or ice pink. Bottoms are black or khaki. Belts need to be worn everyday.