Out Of Many, One people: Jamaica`s motto!

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean Sea. It belongs to a group of islands called the West Indies, which stretch from south Florida to South America. Nearly the size of Puerto Rico or the state of Connecticut, Jamaica stretches 146 miles (235 km) west to east and is 20 to 50 miles (32–80 km) wide. Jamaica, like other Caribbean islands, is formed from an underwater mountain range. Hills and mountains cover most of the island. Jamaica’s highest point is Blue Mountain Peak, part of the Blue Mountains in the east. The west-central section is hilly. Limestone hills, plateaus, caves, and gorges are found in the western part of the island, called the Cockpit Country. Along the coasts are plains and valleys that reach up to the hills.

Jamaica has many forests, plants, springs, and rivers. Thick rain forests are plentiful in the valleys. Many rivers, creeks, and waterfalls flow through Jamaica. The island’s longest river, the Rio Minho, winds through the center of the island. Jamaica has a wealth of natural resources (important materials that come from the earth), including bauxite, salt, and lead. Farmers harvest important crops, such as sugar, coffee, fruits, and vegetables, including pineapples, papaya, yams, and plantains.

Jamaica`s National Athem

National Anthem Of Jamaica

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