immigration to Texas

French immagrents by Reis Divine

The first French colonies in Texas

There were four different colonies located in Texas which was one more than the country they disliked the most which was Brittan. The colonies were La Sellas settlement, San Juan Bautista, Babtiste Benard de la Harp, and champ d'Asile. Rene Robert cavelier was the first French men to come to Texas and establishment for a settlement which was a success including the fact he was one of the two first French empresarios. Then in 1840 a commercial treaty was signed between the Republic of Texas and France making the French interest in Texas increase. The French then kept immigrating from 1838 to 1961.

French Foods


Some of the French holidays are St. Stephens day, All saints' Day, Armistice day, Christmas, Easter Monday, and etc.
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