The Eager Eagle

Weekly Memo for STAFF

Week of May 20-24: Have a great week!

What's Happening in the Eagle's Nest?

Out of Office

I will be gone Thursday morning. I will likely be interviewing on and off throughout the week. If you can't catch me, email or text me.

DPPs will be due next week! Stay tuned for an informative email from me!

Grades Due

Grades need to be finalized May 29 to allow Mrs. Joy time to print grades for you. Awards will be due by the end of the week. I am meeting with team leaders Monday, then you will receive award sheets on Tuesday.

Math Bowl Reward

Students that participated in Math Bowl will have a party in the cafeteria Monday at 1:30. The coaches know the students! Coverage will be arranged for the coaches to attend.

4th Quarter Awards

Wednesday, May 22:

8:30 am: 1st Grade

9:30 am: 2nd Grade

Friday, May 24:

8:30 am: 3rd Grade

9:15 am: 4th Grade

10:00 am: 5th Grade

Kindergarten Registration

We have over 80 appointments set up for K registration! It is May 23 and will run all day. Because of the high numbers, it will be in the cafetorium.