Boom! Boom! Fire Power!

By: Chloe Lopez

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A Volcanic Eruption occurs because of Earthquakes, and Tectonic Plates moving. It happens by the magma being lighter than the solid rock around it, the magma then rises and collects in the magma chambers. Eventually the magma pushes through the holes and cracks in the Earth's surface. Then it happens, a red and orange fiery explosion occurs and rushes down the mountain... This fiery explosion will then create a havoc on things like habitats, food webs, and biodiversity. This will effect the habitats by destroying them. The food webs will have to start over because of the organisms dying. The biodiversity will be wrecked because of land and organisms being destroyed and will have to start over with low sustainability.





I could not put the Positives and Negatives into green and red... I tried. But I did label them, so I hope that's enough