Differentiation in Math

Professional Development

Learning Target

  • Today we are investigating strategies for differentiation in math,
  • So that we can ensure that we are differentiating activities and instruction to meet the needs of our students.
  • I'll know I've got it when I can successfully develop centers and workshop activities that are differentiated.

Strategies for Differentiation: From How to Differentiate Your Math Instruction

Introductory Video Clip

Menus Video Clip 7.2

Think Tac Toe Video Clip 7.3

eCLASS module Book Study and examples of Differentiated Activities:

1. Go into eCLASS - Alcova Training Page. Content. Professional Book Studies. Differentiated Math Instruction. Examine Differentiated Activities and Resources

2. Go to the MOCC on the eclass page.

Examine the differentiated activities for your grade level.

YOUR TURN - Choose ONE.....

  • Choose one center and do tiered activities
  • Choose one concept and create a menu
  • Investigate Choice Boards

Follow Up

The article from Now I Get It is a wonderful resource of ideas.

We will observe Differentiated Math strategies in our lab classrooms on Thursday.

Data-based decisions for differentiation and strategies will also be discussed on your Data Day.

Be sure to point out to observers/evaluators how you are differentiating - it is part of your GTES.

Let us know how we can support you!


Now I Get It by Susan O'Connell
How to Differentiate Your Math Instruction by Linda Dacey, Jayne Bamford Lynch and Rebeka Salemi